YOURLS has a powerful plugin API that allows to implement custom features and behaviors.

If you have an idea or a need for a plugin that does not exist yet, read the page Possible With A Plugin

Core plugins

Core plugins are bundled with YOURLS. They aim to either provide sample code for people who want to make their own plugins (it's easy!), or implement often requested features.

Normal plugins

Normal plugins are written (and hopefully maintained) by various YOURLS users. You will find the list in the dedicated repository: in new window

Being listed does not guarantee that the plugin is approved, its code is clean, future proof or anything (unless it's been made by Ozh of course 😊)

Create plugins

Creating a plugin for YOURLS requires some PHP knowledge, but it's fairly easy. Follow the plugins development guide.

Get your plugin listed on awesome-yourls

You made a plugin? Awesome news! Getting your plugin listed is easy:

  1. First, get your plugin hosted somewhere. Your blog is OK. A source controlled environment such as GitHub is excellent. Tip: clone this repositoryopen in new window to create your plugin repository in seconds.
  2. Your plugin should be announced/hosted where users can post comments, submit bug reports and give feedback.
  3. Open a pull request on in new window.

Find plugin ideas

If you can code (it's fun!) and look for ideas, browse through the issues labelled with plugin domainopen in new window. You will find there people with real use case and needs!